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gba rom cartridge
« on: May 18, 2019, 03:27:53 AM »

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- Title: gba rom cartridge
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- Special requirements: no

I've seen all these flash carts and stuff and I don't wanna buy the wrong thing and not be able to transfer the rom to a cartridge. For right now all I know is that I have a Pokemon crystal rom file and I want to know if and how I can transfer that file which is saved on my computer to a cartridge so that I can play it on a real GBA.
This means that the only way to "transfer" data between cartridges would be to copy the GBA cartridge you have (with the save file) into a blank cartridge. While this is certainly possible, it requires 3rd party merchandise and flirting the line of piracy (you would be, after all, making a copy of the game).
Hi all, I have Pokemon emerald and ruby for my GBA and had Pokemon sapphire but I was unable to find it so I downloaded it and played it on retropie. However, I would now like to copy the ROM and the saved file onto a GBA cartridge so that I can easily play it without needing a plug socket and monitor etc.
[Question] Transfer ROMhacks onto a ds/gba cartridge? ... Is it at all possible to buy a blank gba or ds cartridge that I would then be able to apply roms to? Any insight or help anyone can offer would be greatly appreciated. ... I can confirm that I have played GB, GBC, GBA, and NDS ROMs on my DSTWO. If you have any more questions, let me know ...
Transferring Hack to GBA Cartridge ROM Hacking Discussion See the discussion at PokéCommunity! ... I wish I could put GBA Roms on my R4, but as far as I know, the R4 doesn't supporte it! Hopefully they make a frimware ... Can you transfer Pokemon from a ROM on your PC to a game you've installed on a flashcard? And from there, can you trade ...
Did you know that you could use your NDS Lite to backup the save file from your GBA cartridge? Yes, you can finally erase the save file on your Game Boy Advance and have the ease of mind of it ...
Step by step How to convert your GBA cartridge save files and transfer then to your 3ds Virtual console! Using homebrew and modern equipment that you can eas...
Best Answer: That's not how cartridges worked, there is no such thing as a blank cartridge that can be reprogrammed for these consoles. What you need to do is put the machine code onto a chip, and then manufacture all the other bits that would need to go into the cartridge (some have battery back-ups, and some evenhave extra processing chips, such as Mario Kart and Starfox on SNES, or virtua ...
These have proven popular since the development of techniques to run Nintendo DS software from a GBA cartridge, due to the smaller size of DS games and the low price of these cards compared to conventional GBA flash cartridges. Examples of such devices include the M3, R4 and Supercard.
If you are changing region (from an R/S/E to an FR/LG ROM) then you will need to turn off the other console as well and switch cartridges (unless you'd unlocked the National Dex). Transferring to Gen IV. Optionally, you can now transfer from your genuine Gen III cartridges to Gen IV using a Nintendo DS Phat or a Nintendo DS Lite (not the DSi).
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