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»» Note: The panadol other paracetamol liquid is more than twice as strong as the infant strength .
»» Know the right dose to give, follow the advice of your doctor or the dosage instructions long term effects of panadol can i take panadol for headache panadol extra strength side effects on the bottle .
»» Check the panadol dose with your doctor, nurse or pharmacist if you are »» Measure the paracetamol dose using a measuring spoon or »» No more than four doses of paracetamol can be given in a 24-hour »» Too much paracetamol can be dangerous .
If you are concerned about your child after their immunisation, contact panadol your family doctor or nurse .
You can also call Healthline difference between panadol and tylenol panadol effects can i use panadol during pregnancy taking 4 on 0800 611 116 day or night .
Fact sheet September signs of panadol overdose 7 news panadol what ingredients are in panadol panadol batch number recall 2018 .
Paracetamol use with Bexsero® in children aged under 2 years Routine use of paracetamol around immunisation We do not recommend routinely giving paracetamol before or after panadol immunisation with childhood vaccines just in case a child gets a fever or has injection site pain .
This is because a panadol high fever or injection site pain are not very common responses and the use of paracetamol around the time of immunisation reduces the laboratory measured immune system response to vaccines .
However, there is no evidence that the reduced response leaves children with less protection from the diseases they panadol were immunised against .
If, after immunisation, your child has a fever or seems to have when to take panadol can you take panadol during pregnancy panadol gsk how panadol works does discomfort or they are miserable or distressed, we do recommend the use of paracetamol .

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