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Olumide Adeleye is an entrepreneur with interests in web media and IT-related businesses. He also blogs, speaks and writes. He is passionate about solving the problem of poverty in Africa and is therefore involved in various fora aimed at bringing enlightenment to the continent. He holds a degree in Agricultural Economics and is proudly Nigerian. For more information, you can view his LinkedIn profile

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  1. femi olorunyomi says:

    hello olumide, somehow stumbled on ur web page. i think its a good concept. keep d good job going, and remember hard work doesnt kill only a hard life does. dont be intimidated, u have SOMETHING. regards

  2. ZUBAIR RIDWAN says:

    Keep up the good work, i so much appreciate you and some of the programmes u put up.
    I will like to use this opportunity to inform you that my club will be willing to invite you for one of her up coming programme in early July as one of the guest speaker.

  3. femi olorunyomi says:

    i learnt about the MNY 201, am really impressed. keep the good job rolling, i am glad UNAAb still has people like u around. while you can, impact people lives. there is sure a worthwhile reward for doing that. am proud of you.good job!

  4. Ronke says:

    I realy like your site, its quite impressive. Keep the good work friend, and expecting more impressive messages from you. keep it up and make us(Rcfites) proud.

  5. Adesayo Kuye says:

    Cuzin, m so so proud of uuuu. God bless

  6. olumidefatoki says:

    hi olumide it is great seeing ur works. i am very proud of you. i myself also hope to start something soon. take care name sake

  7. Oluwashina says:

    I love your programme and i am very proud of you. I am a computer programmer and web developer too. Keep it up!

  8. Olakusibe Shodiya says:

    Bravo !!!, it good to see improvement , well done

  9. Segun Taiwo says:

    Hello Sir, I am really happy to see your website. It is good, keep up the good job and one day God will grant you your heart desire about Nigeria and the World

  10. deyryn says:

    i love ur site… u are goin places…

  11. mejayi frday says:

    you are such an iconnic icon that i will never forget…..However,i’ll love ot see you going international and not stopping at unilevel.Be who you wants to be.I LOVE YOU man.

  12. dylan says:

    hi olumide, really want to commend you on your blog keep up the good work going. i got to know about open inviter from ur blog. i have installed and run d example.php it worked. the problem now is to put it on my web page to appear as it is on your blog. cheers

  13. eyinjuoluwa says:

    well well well…………
    wat do we have here? its mr adeleye’s blog……. wow swit and kind of impressive. you know am naughty so still expecting more till then takia

  14. Ayodeji Subair says:

    Olumide Adeleye is a rare breed of Nigerian who believes in his country, his people and mostly in himself. His presence among us during the UNAAB RCF Days had in no doubt had a great indellible impacts on our lives. We daily miss you in RCF-UNAAB. Thank God, I am now out of the system too. We are going places. We are going to Change Nigeria. Yes, we are going to impart Nigerians and make impact in Nigeria. Let’s go there…

  15. Henry says:

    You are really inspiring. One thing I love though is the caption Nigerian Pastors playing God.
    I don’t Know How Nigerians fare under such leadership were the things that surround a man dictate the worth of that man.For me i have another understanding ,Perhaps am missing it .tall me what you think of this.God dictates the out come of every life even with free will our God has the ultimate say on were our path leads. We can put in Effort to see it move towards the light, But He could choose to obscure it ,”For to him light and darkness are one……” Isaiah

  16. Deola Agboola says:


    I am impressed but not surprised that u have something like this going on. Keep it up. You sure have greater things ahead of u.

  17. akinfenwa mofoyeke says:

    u are going places bro

  18. uzoalu ijeoma says:

    U re indeed going places…u’ve realli touched me wit dose wonderful philosophy abt life…jst wanna tell u keep d pace going n dont forget ur maker…i mean baba GOD 4 actualising dat vision in u……

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