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Published on July 4th, 2010 | by Olumide


What Nigerian Pastors Need to Do

Before you read this post, I need you to know that I am a Christian. I am writing this because I see a lot of problems in my country that our pastors can help to solve.

To start with, Nigeria is a very religious country. It is definitely one of the most religious nations in the world with a very wide spectrum of religious choices. Among these numerous religions, Christianity and Islam are the most prominent, accounting for much more than 50 percent of the population.

A study concluded about 2 years ago claimed that Nigerians were the happiest people on earth. I know that considering that Nigeria is also one of the world’s most corrupt nations and she has a great number of her population living in abject poverty, I know you will wonder how Nigerians can be happy. But I do believe that it is true. And one fundamental reason is the religious state of the nation. Nigerians may have all the problems in the world but once they get to the church, mosque or whatever it is, they listen to inspiring messages and pour their troubles to God. And they get happy! While that is a good thing, there is also a negative side to the way my people do it: they refuse to face their problems and prefer to blame things on God or the devil…

But that is not my topic for discussion. As you must have inferred, religious leaders are very influential in Nigeria. This applies most particularly to pastors. Their are pastors that attract crowds of millions. There are certain church programs that attract so much attendance that there will be major traffic jams on strategic roads for hours, sometimes days. But again, I’m not saying that is a bad thing. As a matter of fact, I do attend a particular one whenever I can. It is the monthly Holy Ghost Service of the Redeemed Christian Church of God.

If you were to name the 50 most influential Nigerians, I am sure that about 20 of them would be pastors. So if Nigeria is in this state, what do the majority of these people offer? Motivation and excitement? Spiritual solutions with no physical backing- “call on God and all your problems are over” or real principles that are useful to life and survival both on earth and in heaven?

I have a list of pastors I really respect because they have been making good impact. And I do not rate by how well they preach or pray- those are factors only God can evaluate. I am interested in the things they have done to improve the lives of Nigerians and Nigeria as a country.

1. Pastor Enoch Adeboye: Besides being the pastor of probably the world’s largest church, Pastor Adeboye is the General Overseer of a church that employs thousands of people. The headquarters of the church (Redeemed Christian Church of God) located at Redemption Camp is a town on its own with a university and a camp ground that accommodates millions.

2. Pastor Sam Adeyemi: A new generation of Nigerians are rich, young and honest. Pastor Sam Adeyemi of Daystar Christian Centre is responsible for many of them.

3. Bishop David Oyedepo: The Senior Pastor, Winners Chapel, founded Covenant University. He is one of Nigeria’s strongest icons for excellence.

Instead of giving more examples, I will tell you why I admire the men mentioned above:

  • They provide jobs and teach good financial information (which is very important in a country ridden with poverty).
  • They advice the government when necessary
  • They motivate their members and lift up their spirits
  • They organize community development services
  • They provide enlightenment and illumination
  • They build schools, hospitals etc.

If you are a pastor and you are reading this, please focus less on collection of offerings and help make life worth living for people. Teach them to work and to earn. Don’t fix church programs on working days- at least not during working hours. Stop playing God to people, remember that you are just his mouthpiece.

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