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Published on June 18th, 2014 | by Olumide


Rejection (Lion King Series 8)

We are now looking at the point in Lion King where Simba has long become king. His daughter, Kiara is in love with Kovu, who is the son of Simba’s arch enemy, Scar. Scar is dead at this stage and Kovu is supposed to fulfil Scar’s inordinate ambition to take over the throne of the Pridelands and to carry on the culture of enmity with Simba’s family. As you would expect, Simba (as well as almost everyone in the kingdom) is unhappy that his daughter has chosen to fall in love with the enemy. He does all he can to prevent it but reluctantly begins to trust Kovu when he learns from trusted sources that the relationship is the divine will for the kingdom.

Kovu’s family on the other hand, is in support of the relationship with Kiara. Not for good reasons, though: They want him to use Kiara to get to her father, King Simba and kill him. Kovu does not want anything to do with this plot. He is genuinely in love with Kiara but he can’t tell his family this because they would hate him and possibly kill him for it.

One day, Kovu’s family’s plan is carried out: his closeness with Princess Kiara is exploited and his family almost succeeds in killing Simba. At this point, Kovu eventually has to make his stand known to his family. He is rejected by them for it. The problem however is that the little trust he has been able to build with Simba’s family has now been destroyed. Simba is of the opinion that Kovu is still part of enemy. He believesKovu betrayed him. As such, he sends Kovu into exile and Kovu has to face the shame and disgrace associated with being a traitor. So much for honest intentions!

My message today is to those who wish to change the world. Do you expect to be welcomed with drums and jubilation because of your noble intentions? Perhaps that might happen. But be prepared: your intentions may not be trusted. The very people you are trying to help may not receive you well. You may be dubbed a traitor and you may even be killed.

It is a sad reality of life that has occurred all through history. Mahatma Gandhi, an extremely peaceful man, was shot dead by someone he never provoked. Martin Luther King, Jr, was killed. John F. Kennedy, the American president who also tried to transform the country and end discrimination against black people from the executive level was murdered. Nelson Mandela was imprisoned for almost 3 decades. Even Jesus was hanged. And guess what? The world owes a lot of her progress to these people today.

We have other examples like Malala, the Pakistani girl who was shot by the Taliban for daring to want to go to school. Like the 200 abducted Chibok girls whose fate is still unknown till today because they dared to prepare for exams in a place that had been declared by enemies of progress as a no-education zone…

The truth is that change is expensive. And that is why true heroes are people who are ready to die for what they believe. Have you observed that terrorism uses the same approach? Little wonder it is so negatively effective. If your plan to change the country is to crown yourself with numerous chieftaincy titles, occupy some “distinguished” position in government where you can earn a severely over bloated salary, harass citizens with an army of police escorts and travel outside the country if you need medical attention for even a small toothache, then stop kidding yourself. The only person you are changing is you. Good morning.

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  1. Looking forward to reading through more. Excellent post.Much thanks again. Awesome.

  2. Amos Emmanuel says:

    Nice post and thanks for the impact you do make on radio@Star F.M Ibadan 7:25am. God bless you real good!

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