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Published on June 17th, 2014 | by Olumide


How Can We Fix Nigeria? (Lion King Series 7)

As I gradually approach the end of my Lion King series, I wish to address some pressing national issues. Please pay special attention to this short but deeply revealing edition and subsequent editions of this broadcast. If you have ever asked “how can we fix Nigeria”, you need this.

First, what has caused the leadership crisis that has disturbed us as a nation? In Lion King, we see a rightful heir to the throne, Simba, who has been hated from birth by his uncle. What is his crime? Merely that his birth is a challenge to the ambitions of his uncle who feels that becoming king is his own birthright. Note that the uncle, Scar, has absolutely nothing to offer the kingdom. When Scar successfully executes his coup and finally achieves his aim of becoming king, the kingdom becomes desolate because he lacks the skills to manage a kingdom. When people who have nothing to offer make it impossible for those who truly carry value to rule and those who value carriers refuse to fight back, the country becomes desolate. If you are so bothered by the state of our nation, perhaps you need to decide like Simba finally did to quit pretending that all is well, quit complaining, quit criticizing and get involved.

Secondly, why has terrorism held us to ransome? Lion King again supplies the answer. When Scar needed to overthrow King Mufasa, he conspired with the hyenas. You see, the hyenas were a very large mass of unintelligent and uneducated animals. They were the product of years of neglect and exile by King Mufasa. On their own, they were not smart enough to be a threat. But with coordination from a master like Scar, they became a critical mass of puns, or terrorists, who could be used to unleash mayhem and overthrow the happy wheels demo kingdom. They had nothing to leave for and lacked basics of life so they were not afraid to die for the slightest shot at relevance. Can you see our nation in the mirror?

Thirdly, how can Nigeria solve her leadership problem? When Simba came back to the Pridelands after abandoning his people for years, Scar brought up Simba’s perceived sins and attempted to turn the animals against him. The animals could have acted hastilly and lost the chance to be led by their God-ordained leader. Fortunately, they were patient enough to give him a chance. Nigeria’s true leaders are not people without a past. But we would have to see beyond their faults and see into their hearts. Moses was the best leader for the Israelites only after years of family with their worst enemy. Nelson Mandela was the president that united South Africa because he had overcome his own flaws that could have split the nation instead.

Finally, In Lion King, the real solution did not come in the lifetime of Mufasa or Scar. It came in the lifetime of their children. How did it happen? Scar’s son Kovu fell in love with Simba’s daughter, Kiara. Eventually, both Kovu and Kiara led the kingdom. The solution to our national problem lies not in division but in unity. At the moment, there are far too many fragments. Too many people are excessively conscious of their tribal and ethnic affiliations. For Nigeria to break free, we must not carry these sentiments into the mindsets of our children. Kovu was a skilled warrior. Kiara was skilled in people-administration. In Nigeria, the Kovu and Kiara tribes must marry for the pridelands of our country to thrive again.

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