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Published on June 16th, 2014 | by Olumide


The World Needs Real Men! (Lion King Series 6)

The world needs real men. And in commemoration of Fathers’ Day (which took place yesterday), I will address men today.  I’m still talking from the Disney cartoon, Lion King, and I hope you have been following the series so far. Welcome to Director’s Angle, the most inspiring broadcast on radio. My name is Olumide Adeleye.

I overheard a discussion a few days ago. A girl was arguing with a guy. She told him: “you are responsible for my pregnancy. I’m pregnant for you and I will bear that child”. The guy was not bothered. He simply told her to go find a solution. As I walked, I could not but wonder: do we still have real men?

I’d like to take us to three parts of Lion King today. The first is the part where Simba urges his father, Mufasa, to show him the kingdom. Mufasa has to interrupt his well deserved sleep to take Simba round and teach him vital lessons on kingship and leadership.

The second is where Mufasa has to sacrifice his life to save his son. There has been a conspiracy and Simba is in danger of losing his life to the hyenas. Mufasa knows it is unlikely he would be able to survive such a crowd of hyenas but out of a father’s love, he goes out all the same and saves his son. He loses his own life in the process.

The third is where an old friend of Mufasa known as Rafiki looks for Simba years after Mufasa’s death. At this time, Simba has fled the kingdom and is lost, directionless and hopeless. Simba, the heir to the throne, was thinking, eating and behaving like commoners such as Timon and Pumbaa who had no purpose to live for! Rafiki showed Simba direction and helped him remember that he was Mufasa’s son and destined to be king.

From these incidents, I’d like to address three categories of men today:

First, to men who love to scatter their seed, impregnating  women without planning for the resultant children, hmm. The difference between human beings and dogs is self control. There are already too many children suffering in the world. Must you add another child to the list because of a few minutes of pleasure?

Secondly, to responsible men who work hard to make ends meet but may have little or no time for their kids: Remember Mufasa. If he had postponed the lessons he wanted to teach Simba, perhaps he never would have found the time to do it before he was killed. If you put off your responsibility to raise your child now because you are too busy, it may be too late later.

Finally, I’d like to address people like Rafiki- the father figure. There will always be children who lack fathers. There will always be princes who merely need direction to realize that they are meant for the palace. All around you, there are children who can benefit from your words of direction, your time for guidance, your mentorship and your leadership. Perhaps you are a Rafiki and the real king of Nigeria is that little boy wasting away behind your house. What are you doing to better his life? What kind of example have you set? Happy Father’s Day in arrears.

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