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Published on June 12th, 2014 | by Olumide


“Just Can’t Wait!”

Today, I want to point your attention to the “Just Can’t Wait” syndrome. We see it in a song Simba sang as a kid. In it, he expresses that he “just can’t wait to be king”. “No one saying do this, no one saying be there, no one saying stop that, no one saying see here. Free to run around all day, free to do it all my way…” Hmm. Like many young people, Simba wanted the glamour of success without understanding the responsibilities or the price attached to it.

It reminds me of an old story about a man who inherited a small piece of chinaware worth 2,000 Naira. He looked at it with excitement and began to fantasize. He would sell it and within a few days, the 2,000 Naira would have become 4,000 Naira. Then, he would trade with that again and double it. And he would double the resultant 8,000 Naira. He would continue like that until he had become a billionaire.  

After that, he would need to get married. But since he would be so rich, even the president of the country would have to beg him to marry his daughter. After marrying the president’s daughter, he would not tolerate any nonsense from her. Any time she cooked his food, she had to serve it on her knees. And if she dared make a mistake of presenting him burnt or unsatisfactorily cooked food, he would kick her vehemently…

By the this time, he was so excited in his thoughts that he actually kicked out in real life. His leg kicked the 2,000 Naira chinaware he had inherited and it got broken into pieces. Thus ended his dreams. He went to bed hungry and hopeless.

Success comes at a price. That price is paid over time and this is known as process. Process explains why a seed cannot germinate, grow, mature and bear fruit the day it is planted. It explains why a child needs many years to become an adult. Too many people want the glamour of the palace but have not learnt the responsibilities. And too many people are in a hurry. If you are an overnight success, there is a good chance that you will not stay long at the top!

Ask Joseph. Just like Simba, he had dreams of becoming a ruler and having everyone bow to him. But he didn’t know that he would have to pass through slavery and prison to get to the palace. Moses? He wanted the paparazzi of being the hero that would save his nation. But this prince of Egypt had to learn what it meant to suffer in the desert for 40 years. Nelson Mandela had to work on bringing out the real leader in him for almost 30 years not at home but in prison. And of course, Simba had to live with commoners like Timon and Pumbaa in the wilderness for years before he became ready to take over the throne.

Guess what? a lot of entertainment stars- footballers, actors, musicians start off with millions of dollars but become very broke within years. You know why? They did not have the benefit of process. And so they gained wealth that they had no capacity to maintain. Many steal, kill, sell drugs and commit unthinkable acts to maintain lifestyles they can’t afford. Am I saying that young people should not aspire for greatness while they are young? Definitely not! I’m only saying that those who build castles in the air should better support them with strong foundations! Instead of waiting for the day when you will be a colossus, make the best of where you are or what you have today and then it will open the doors for promotion.

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