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Published on June 11th, 2014 | by Olumide


Identity- (Lion King Series 3)

Yesterday, I told you about the Hakuna Matata philosophy. Today, I will continue with my Lion King series and tell you about Identity. Do you know who you are?

Think back to our Lion King story. Simba is a prince. He is heir to the Pride lands. But as soon as Scar frames him into believing that he killed his father, Simba is overcome by the weight of guilt and he runs away from his country. He meets two carefree animals, Timon and Pumbaa, who become his close friends and bring him up. The result of growing with Timon and Pumbaa is that Simba stops thinking like a prince. He begins to eat grubs- the slimiest of foods which would have been considered to be far below his status. He adopts the Hakuna Matata philosophy, and like I explained yesterday, that’s a thought  pattern meant for intellectually lazy people. He stops caring about his country and tries hard to forget his heritage. But the day Simba finally meets wise old Rafiki, Rafiki says to Simba, “I know your father… He lives in you”. Shortly after, Simba has a vision of his father who tells him, “You are more than who you have become… you are my son and the one true king”… How many of us are more than who we have become? Today, I want to speak to three categories of people:

First, those who are plagued by guilt and unable to move forward because of their past: I once met with a young lady some time ago who had just aborted a baby. She was going through a lot of psychological trauma. Had she made a bad decision? Absolutely. It was a terrible and costly decision. But like I told her, to be a victor, you must make your past your stepping stone and not your obstacle. Learn from it. Forgive yourself. Apologize to all who have been hurt by your actions or inactions. And most importantly, move on.

Secondly, for those who have lost their sense of identity because they are with bad friends. In this case, Timon and Pumbaa were not exactly bad friends. They had just lived their lives as simpletons and knew nothing about the responsibilities of leadership. Simba was in this regard, a victim of their influence. Your friends are a picture of your future. He who walks with the wise shall be wise. I strongly advise you to make friends with people who have attained what you want. For instance, if you wish to start a business in life, make friends with business owners. If you want to be successful as a student, make friends with high-flyers.

Thirdly, permit me to reference a Biblical quote that perfectly captures Simba’s situation. It states: “the heir, as long as he is a child, is not different from a servant although he really is the master of all.” Simba was a child when his father died and so he lived for years like the lowest of commoners such as Timon and Pumbaa. All along, he was the king just waiting to be crowned. But his knowledge of such was limited to his childhood. He needed his father’s prompting to realize his true potential. Listeners, I want you to know that in the words of Mufasa, “you are more than you have become”. You need to discover your true identity as that is your passport to the palace.

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