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Published on June 6th, 2014 | by Olumide


Stand Out- Lesson from Micheal Jackson’s “Bad”

Yesterday, I began a series on the king of Pop, Micheal Jackson. Today, I want to tell you about one of his greatest works, a song known as “Bad”.

In the hit song, Bad, Micheal told the story of a young boy, who came back from private school and suddenly realized that he could not flow with his old friends anymore. Unlike them, he now had values. He could not commit crimes like robbery anymore. His friends taunted but then, he refused to be convinced. Finally, he pointed out to them that he did not need to be a criminal just to prove that he was a much bigger boy than they were.

A man put four monkeys in a cage. He gave them bananas to eat. As you know, monkeys love banana. These ones were no exception. They ate until they were satisfied.

The next day, the man brought more bananas to the cage. The monkeys ate them. However, while eating the bananas this time, the man beat up each of the monkeys. They felt very sad and wondered why their master was beating them. He repeated the same treatment the next day and kept doing it for a while. After  a couple of weeks, the monkeys had learnt that they would be thoroughly beaten up if they touched bananas. So, even new monkey that attempted to take bananas. None of them knew why but if the master threw bananas to them, they would not touch the bananas.

At this point, the master took away one of the four monkeys and replaced it with a new monkey that had not experienced his beatings. As soon as the new monkey saw bananas, it began to eat. The three old monkeys in the cage however pounced on the new monkey and beat it up so that it wouldnt put them into trouble. This trend repeated itself until the new monkey learnt that for some strange reason, bananas were not eaten here.

At this point, the master took away another of the old monkeys and brought in yet another new monkey. The new monkey also attempted to eat the bananas but was quickly disciplined by the existing monkeys (including the one that had joined prior to this newest entrant). So, he stopped eating bananas. The master again took out another old monkey and the trend repeated itself. Finally, he took out the last old monkey and brought in a new monkey. At this point, all the four monkeys in the cage were new. None of them knew exactly why they were not eating bananas. None of them had ever been beaten by the master for eating bananas. But just because of associations and rumours, they were not touching bananas. In fact, they had made eating bananas a crime without having any exact reason for it.

The point of this story is that people often want out conform to the norm. Human beings engage in lots of meaningless activity just because they met other people doing it that way and yet they want you to join them in such ridiculous folly. Most people don’t want to challenge existing conventions and stand out.

There is a statement that if you can’t beat them, join them. But that’s wrong! if you can’t beat them, you should raise other people who share your point of view. That way, you will have  a stronger force that can challenge the existing practices. The Wright brothers were considered crazy when they proposed the idea of the aeroplane. But they refused to be deterred by the boxed mindset of the crowd. They went ahead with their plans and today, planes have changed the world.

In conclusion, remember that the world will stand aside for people who know where they are going.

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