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Published on June 5th, 2014 | by Olumide


The Secret of Micheal Jackson’s Success

Today, I’ll begin a series on one of the greatest musicians who ever lived. People loved him! We loved his music, loved his voice, loved his style and loved his dance moves. I’m talking about none other than the king of pop, His Excellency, Micheal Jackson. He was the man who brought us classics like Heal the World, Thriller, We Are the World and many others. He is also known for the dance steps known as the moonwalk.

Why was Micheal Jackson so phenomenal? Was it because he was born with some special gift of dancing and singing? Perhaps. But it would shock you to know one of Micheal’s most important secrets: He utilized the power of practice! It is said that he rehearsed for a minimum of 6 hours each day. He went through his lines and moves so many times that he could not but be perfect.

A man known as Malcolm Gladwell wrote a book titled “Outliers”. In it, he propounded that people who are great at what they do have spent over 10000 hours practicing it. It has very little to do with talent. I, for instance, am quite terrible at dancing. But guess what? If even I were to practice dancing just half as much as Micheal Jackson did, I would become a good dancer! This is because although genius might have a little with talent, it has mostly to do with consistent practice. So, what if you  applied the principle of consistent practice to what you do? ?Like someone said, “There are two ways to do great mathematics. The first is to be smarter than everybody else. The second way is to be stupider than everybody else — but persistent”. Practice always makes the difference!

Still in doubt? Let me tell you about a few more people:

Winston Churchill was prime minister of great Britain during World War 2. He delivered speeches that were said to be exceptional even though he actually had a speech impediment. His secret? He usually practiced for hours in front of a mirror.

Ben Carson is said to be an exceptional neurosurgeon. He did not start out this good. He has just done it so many times that he simply has to be among the best in the world.

There is no substitute or quick fix for practise. If you want to become a master at something, you have to practice it with consistency!

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