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Published on January 16th, 2012 | by Olumide


The Emergence of a New Nigeria

The last few days have given me reasons for hope. Nigerians have finally begun asking the right questions! We have also proven that we are not too docile for change. Nigerians have protested against corruption, bad governance and public waste.

I won’t pretend that we are close to winning the battle. But within the past few days, millions of Nigerians have protested. Hundreds of thousands have gathered at Ojota, Lagos (and many other places), and demonstrated without resorting to violence! In the past few days, we have seen Muslims protecting Christians in their churches and even attending church services as a sign of solidarity. We have also seen Christians standing guard as Muslims observed their prayers. We’ve seen an amazing and unprecedented unity in the country as people came out regardless of their tribes (although some in power tried inciting tribalism). We’ve seen young people channel their frustrations into music and fun. We have seen intelligent arguments that would surprise the world’s best. When I was interviewed by CNN’s Faith Muthoni Karimi, one of her closing comments was “you are very well spoken for your age.” I responded by saying “I’m a graduate- I should be well spoken”. In reality, I was actually stunned at the information I had at my disposal.

I once wanted Nigeria to be split. Now, I don’t. It is true that there are religious extremists and tribal bigots. It is also true that there are corrupt cabals feeding fat on the largely poor population. But an often less-emphasized truth is that Nigeria is a nation with happy people. Nigerians are hardworking, life-loving and very happy. From what I saw about the Ojota protests, Nigerians would sing and dance even at the brink of war because deep down, there is an undying hope for a greater tomorrow.

I see a new Nigeria. One in which our diversity would be a strength and not a weakness. I see a country with leaders who would lead with the fear of God and according to the rule of law.  I see a time when our numerous potentials would be properly harnessed and channeled towards national growth. I see a time when we would be proud to carry our green passports and announce that we are from Nigeria. I see a time when fraud will cease to be our national trademark. I see a time when terrorism will cease.

We are far away from the Nigeria of our dreams. But we will get there. The road may be rough and long. It might be painful and filled with discouraging events. But we WILL get there.

I commend everyone who took a stance in the past few days. Occupy Nigeria has renewed my sense of pride in Nigeria. People like @gbengasesan, @utomiPat, @elrufai, @omojuwa, @ogundamisi, @rosanwo and @omojuwa have been great both in the world of Twitter and in real life.  To the people of influence who watched the nation burn but kept quiet, I would like to remind them of the famous words of Martin Luther King (Jnr): “In the end, we shall remember not the words of our enemies but the silence of our friends”. Nigerians were betrayed not by Labour but by those who kept quiet. To the people who were sincerely in support of the government’s actions, I appreciate you. The beauty of life is that we don’t always have to agree. To those who were paid to be on either side, I have no words for you.

Nigeria will be great. It is inevitable!

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6 Responses to The Emergence of a New Nigeria

  1. Ayodeji says:

    I sat down @d NYSC orientation camp & I saw youths like me after exhausting their money on beer and alcoholic drinks, dropped their Id cards, B.Sc certs + other valuables at d feet of Mammy traders so as to drink more bottles on credit. These they did with intention to pay on collecting Federal allowance . With disgust, I thought “are these the ones to take over the delicate leadership seats of this convulsing nation in d near future?”

    ~then I concluded within myself that our generation (today’s youth) will be worse, with only a few of us standing for the TRUTH, except a proper, residual, continously-uninterrupted psychological re-orientation is carried out by the few sincere senior fellows who themselves against all hopes believe in hope that a better Nigeria is coming forth.

    I’m just 22+ & I’m strongly convinced that I’m going to be a MAJOR stakeholder in making of the NEW NIGERIA.

  2. kuye tosin says:

    I am one of those who believe in the entity called Nigeria. Apart from the fact that people are aware of their rights and are well informed abouts happenings in the country,God is backing us on this change. There must be a positive change in govt circles, across ethnic groups, and most importantly in the house of God. Because most of our religious leaders no longer speaking the truth. Those that are speaking the truth are considered troublemakers, the case of pst bakare for example. A new Nigeria is on the way. Its going to explode on “THEM like BOMB.

    • lumi says:

      Don’t mind them. They may have postponed the tsunami that is coming on them. But if they don’t change fast, it WILL still come abruptly.

  3. Ajibade says:

    the leaders are yet 2 acknowledgee the fact that technology especially the internet has made so many things possible and most importantly the truth no llonger can be hidden. give the nigerian youths more time and watch the so called cabal caught up in their mischief. a great revolution has started and a new Nigeria is emerging!

  4. Honty says:

    U bring inspiration to many. Wish Jerry. Rawlings cld change his naationality and give us d szn 2 of the “Ghana experience”.

  5. Ashleen Moreen says:

    You really bring an inspiration to all Nigerians. You actually have the right to defend your rights against abusive people and bring them down from it’s position. Thanks a lot for sharing this.

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