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Published on April 14th, 2009 | by Olumide


The Road to the Top

I had an argument with someone recently. It was about the afore mentioned topic. The person felt that to get to the top- the very peak, like being the nation’s President or being Bill Gates- you had to have had the advantages of an affluent or influential background. He felt that if you did not have that, then you would have to get to the top via manipulation, prostitution or other ungodly resorts. He couldn’t agree that there could be clear cut principles to the top.

What is the stuff that makes up the Barrack Obamas, the Warren Buffets and Bill Gates, the Nelson Mandelas, the Oprah Winfreys… What is the formula for success in life’s pursuits? What makes the academic geniuses, the financial gurus, the charismatic leaders? What would make the whole world clap for you? I bring you my attempt at an answer. It is at a seminar with the theme: the Road to the Top. There, you will meet:

– A man who has addressed the United Nations, who has been profiled as one of Nigeria’s 35 icons of ICT and who has spoken in 25 countries of the world. The name of this incredible Nigerian is Gbenga Sesan. He was the youngest member of the Presidential Task force on ICT in Nigeria. He will be speaking on the topic: How to Be a Person of International Influence.

– A woman who refused to be intimated by federal legislation regarding importation. She instead turned the situation to her advantage and established Nigeria’s number one furniture company. The company, owned partly by GT bank, is big enough to be called one of Nigeria’s mega companies. One of the dragons of the Dragons Den, she is none other than Mrs Ibukun Awosika of the Sokoa Chair Centre. She will speak on the topic: the Road to Wealth

– My self. Permit the reference, but someone met me recently and was so overcome. According to him, most of my predictions at MNY 101 had come true. I actually had to go and listen to my own speech all over again. I was surprised at the level of accuracy. The pattern of the economic meltdown, the decline of certain countries, the effects of capitalism on Nigeria… I could not help feeling like a prophet! Well, I am speaking on the topic: Strategy: How to Thrive in the Midst of Competition.

Besides the speeches, there will be a debate between two of Abeokuta’s top secondary schools. The topic is: Self Employment is the Best. There will also be the presentation for an award for the UNAAB Entrepreneur of the Year. Applicants are expected to complete a form. The top 5 shortlisted participants would be expected to contest on the seminar date for the award. The speakers would be the judges.

So are you interested in attending? Here are the details: Date: May 9, 2009. Venue: JAO 02, University of Agriculture Abeokuta. Time: 10:00 AM. To be sure of getting a seat, you can reserve one. Either submit your name and phone number as a comment at the end of this post or text your name to 08038075476 or 08078914014. Only those with reserved seats would have access to seminar materials. However, even reservation works for you only on the condition that you come latest by 10:00 AM.

Questions? Comments? I’m at your service. Send me a text or comment after the post.

See ya!

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  1. omolola oyawoye says:

    omolola oyawoye….08053205767

  2. It was a well organised program.

  3. Jonetta says:

    Intelligence and simpiltciy – easy to understand how you think.

  4. Well I really enjoyed reading it. This post offered by you is very constructive for good planning.

  5. I like it when people get together and share views. Great site, continue the good work!

  6. I love it whenever people come together and share thoughts. Great site, keep it up!

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