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Published on November 17th, 2008 | by Olumide


Steps to Success (1) – DREAM!

The world is currently obsessed with the man of African descent who has emerged as America’s incoming president. For many American Blacks, Barrack Obama is a source of hope. He is an icon of pride. For most, his ability to win has brought a sense of accomplishment.

I help someone with an assignment on that issue recently. As I pondered about Barrack Obama’s victory, I began to see that really, it is the fulfillment of the dreams of:

  • American Founding Fathers who dreamt of a nation where all people: Black or White, Red or Brown, Male or Female, Poor or Rich- could have equal rights and exist with freedom and justice. Such hopes drove them to lay down their lives and fight for the highly treasured American Declaration of Independence.
  • Presidents like Abraham Lincoln who preferred to get unpopular with fellow Whites in order to help secure equality and justice for Blacks. Lincoln was assassinated as a result. Similarly, John Frederick Kennedy was assassinated before he could pass a law that gave Blacks certain rights.
  • v Martin Luther King- Probably the most influential voice in American history. King led Blacks to fight without fighting. They protested at their own risk; lay down their own lives as they tackled their brothers matching arms for speeches, war for peace, torture for forgiveness, small sight for vision. Needless to say, Martin Luther King lost his life (and the lives of many others) in the fight. They must have been “looking at the glory placed before them” for they “endured the cross”, the shame and the huge buckets of blood.

Finally, decades later, America is ripe. Barrack Obama has emerged in a glorious landslide victory. He has emerged with his favorite cliché: ‘Yes we can!’. If any of those who had dreamt of the day of his victory- any of King’s followers, or any of Kennedy’s admirers had been around, they would have been proud to join him in saying “YES, WE CAN!”. We can dream. We can achieve. We can be whatever we want to be. We can stretch our imaginations, extend our gaze, and use our telescopes to project into the future. We can never achieve beyond what we can see. But we can achieve anything if only we can see it. YES WE CAN!

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