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Published on October 7th, 2008 | by Olumide


Ideas Opportunities Wealth: New Approaches for the 21st Century (2)

The programme was a huge success!

The day began with me being completely apprehensive: I had lost my speech! I didn’t know how that happened. I just knew the reality of the huge loss. I was hours away from such an important programme and I did not have my speech!

To make matters worse, I did not have the time to write another one. There were so many pressing issues to address concerning the programme. For one, one of my co-planners, Tosin Aremu discovered that the hall we were to use was in a very terrible mess. Less than two hours to the start of the programme, we had to start sweeping. PHCN proved to be another problem: the electric current was low. We couldn’t even power the sound. We had left our generator cord behind, so we had to make frantic efforts to get that. As at 10: 00, which was the standard time we were to begin the programme, there was no show. Trust me, I was worried and I could not hide it.

The next one hour dragged by slowly. I made phone calls, shouted out instructions and still tried to act cool like it was all under control. Finally, around 11: 30, we started the programme. I was the first speaker and I just barely had a speech. My morale was low. I just struggled to smile as I held the microphone (another disappointment- the cordless microphones refused to work. We therefore had to make use of our wired alternatives).

But when I started, I just knew the programme was going to succeed. Somehow, I began to flow- I found myself delving into analysis of the economies of some current world powers and proving why Nigeria would soon join the list. Towards the middle of my speech, in came my next speaker; Mr Adeolu Akinyemi.

Mr Akinyemi was as astounding as ever. He delved into his personal story, gave a few tips about ideas, RAS and rounded off with one of his mouth watering stories (I wonder how he gets them). By the time he was rounding off, he had obviously done justice to the topic.

Mr Femi Onagoruwa was next and he spoke about the stock market. Probably what surprised most people was his way of referring to wealth as if it was the easiest thing to obtain. Obviously, the game of money is one he enjoys very much. Needless to say, he carted away most of the questions for the day.

An associate of Mr Akinyemi, Busayo Akano came up next. Mr Akano, a young man with a strong mind, spoke about a new product (or is it a service) known as CV Bank. I found it to be a great product and as you can guess, most students were interested.

Rev. Olusegun Olaoluwa came up last. True to his calling, he captivated the audience with his preacher- like style. He first gave out a self discovery guide before going on to tell us about how to write CVs and sit for interviews. But he did not just teach; he shared his own experiences. He demonstrated genuine mastery of the topic.

And finally, the day came to a close. I’m sure that for most of the people who were present (we had a total attendance of about 300), it was a day to remember. I want to use this opportunity to thank those who helped me with the planning: Tosin Aremu, Damilola Fadele, Kancha Jinadu, Pelumi Famogbiele, Tunde Anibaba and Olakusibe Sodiya. Others like Jimisayo, Femi Kujore, Femi Olorunyomi and Kenny Adelabu can not be forgotten. And of course, I must thank my immediate family- that’s the greatest set of people in the world. My parents were present. So was my elder sister, Dolapo. Finally, I must thank the Redeemed Christian Fellowship, UNAAB for the support and instruments.

My advice to every one is this: if you want to climb a mountain, don’t spend all the time calculating it’s height. Start climbing! The best way to achieve anything is to start and keep at it. If you have to crawl, do it. Just keep moving!

After this? I’ll keep doing more. I’m planning bigger and better. Very soon, I’ll be hosting Professors Pat Utomi and Wole Soyinka. Just give me some time…

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