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Published on September 25th, 2008 | by Olumide


Ideas, Opportunities, Wealth: New Approaches for the 21st Century

I’ve always been perturbed by the disturbing wave of poverty in Africa. For me, it’s a depressing thought that we are most richly endowed with oil, with gold, with minerals and with human resources and yet Africa is undoubtedly the world’s poorest continent. It’s a paradox. The most blessed are poor!

But I see reasons to be hopeful. Particularly for my country, Nigeria, I can see the emergence of certain features that have the potential of addressing this problem. One of them is the attitude of certain youths towards positive change. Some time ago, Mr Fela Durotoye predicted that Nigeria would be by 2025, the world’s most desirable country. Based on his prediction, a new generation of Nigerian youths has emerged. Groups such as the New Nigeria Club, Making Nigeria A Better Place etc. are developing fast. They all have one goal: the creation of a new Nigeria. A Nigeria that will prosper and be the world’s “numero uno”.

I’m joining the campaign with my own brand of change. Every day of the year, I observe things that ought to be changed. In my own way, I wish to address such issues. I wish to help Nigeria in re-positioning herself for the 21st century. I also share that belief that by 2025, this nation shall be the world’s greatest. I will be part of the history of her change!

That is why I am forming the group: the 21st Century thinkAHEAD Network. It is a network for those who love change, believe in their countries and believe in themselves. We educate people and help them acquire vital information and skills for this fast moving century.

The first move is a giant one. It takes place in the University of Agriculture Abeokuta and it has the theme: Ideas, Opportunities, Wealth: New Approaches for the 21st Century. It has been code named MNY 101 (introduction to Money in the 21st Century) and is a free seminar on finances. There will be sessions for student entrepreneurs, would-be entrepreneurs and even those who prefer the luxury of paid employment but would still love to gain financial skills. Speakers are Adeolu Akinyemi of Generis Solutions and the New Nigeria Club, Obafemi Onagoruwa of Infinity Royal Assets Management Limited, Olusegun Olaoluwa of Excel Professional and my humble self. The venue is JAO 01 & 02, UNAAB and the date is October 4, 2008. Time is 10: 00 AM. The fee is FREEEEE!

If you wish to attend, feel absolutely free. You can make a free seat reservation by commenting on this post. If you also wish to sponsor the programme (actually, the only unsponsored thing currently is the refreshments- my company has graciously decided to pay all other bills), you can make use of my contact details.

See you there!

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  1. Tom Humes says:

    Nice Site layout for your blog. I am looking forward to reading more from you.

    Tom Humes

  2. president olajide says:

    i bless God 4 your life.truly there is hope 4 Nigeria,st
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  3. president olajide says:

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  4. president olajide says:

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  7. Karstadt says:

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