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Published on October 15th, 2010 | by Olumide


My Time is Precious!

Aaaaargh! I haaate office work!

I’ve been doing some ‘consulting’work for a company in Opebi, Lagos for close to a month. My schedule has been pretty much like that of a normal Lagosian- wake up early, get to work, be there till 5 or sometimes past 6 PM, spend one or two hours (or more) in traffic, get back home around 8 or 9 PM fagged out like a log of wood. I would then manage a meal (thanks to my generous hosts who would take the pains to prepare it), watch CNN or some other boring channel till around 11 or 12 and finally go to sleep. Most times, I would fall asleep before touching the bed (just kidding).

Considering the fact that I hate routines and work (in the traditional sense of it), you can imagine how terrible this must be for me. As I was coming back this evening, I was thinking while sitting through the traffic jam:

Is this how most people live? It looks pretty much like the lifestyle of an average banker. If so, they spend more time on their jobs than at home. Thankfully, I love what I do at the office. Imagine how life would be if I spent the greater and more productive part of my day doing something I didn’t love or had no passion for in the name of being employed?

Could this be why most people have the same epitaph as Solomon Grundy:

Born on a Monday,
Christened on Tuesday,
Married on Wednesday,
Took ill on Thursday,
Grew worse on Friday,
Died on Saturday,
Buried on Sunday.
This is the end
Of Solomon Grundy.

Such people are just one of the over 6 billion people on earth. Their lives are relevant only for statistical purposes.

I read a post recently on Deolu Akinyemi’s blog in which he was talking about his week and how great it had been. I couldn’t but have the following thoughts:

  1. Life is short. If you spend it just working- trying to make ends meet, you will look back when it’s all over and might not be able to declare like Paul, “I have fought a good fight, I have finished my course, I have kept the faith”. In that case, your life would have been a waste.
  2. It’s important to make money. But must you do it through prostitution? All we have of life is time. If you spend all your time making money, you are no better than a prostitute. Plus, did you know that you can live in a nice house, have a nice fleet of cars, have comforts and yet not have fulfilment? If you don’t think so, ask Abacha. Ask him for why he had to keep stealing our money. He will tell you that deep down, he had an emptiness and fear of the future and although he was already rich enough to get anything he wanted, the only way he could feel secure was if he had more money.
  3. Since I have ruled out office work from my life, how do I thrive? By working from home! Here is the kind of life I want. Wake up whenever I want, sit with my laptop, play movies, write posts on my blog, go out to inspire a few people, make some donations to charity…

How do I acheive that? First of all, I already am (even though it’s still a little far from what I want). All I can say is an advice to people who are still in school: If you wish for a life that is different from the usual, develop exceptional skills while you are still in school. If you don’t have them by the time you get out, it would be too late because by that time, there will be pressures that will force you into the normal societal routine…

I’m tempted to keep writing but this musn’t get too long so I’ll continue with a part two in which I will share how busy people can still have a fulfilling day. I also hope to write about working from home and financial opportunities for passive income. I have a meeting tomorrow and should be arranging to interview Gbenga Sesan for this blog. Someone else I’m looking forward to meet is Oluniyi David Ajao, CEO, Web4Africa. Stay tuned!

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