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Published on June 9th, 2008 | by Olumide


Rising Above Your Mountains

Have you ever heard about Cobhams Asuquo? If you haven’t, then maybe you need to ask for the producer of Rooftop MC’s Lagimo or all of Asa’s songs. Cobhams is one real genius. That’s a fact. He sings from a depth a lot of of other musicians do not possess. He has ears that pick out the best of musical chords. He has a voice that conveys sensational and emotion stirring music. Within minutes of listening to him, you can find yourself drawn to tears. You can be captivated and unable to stop listening. You can…

But do you know one of the most interesting things about Cobhams? He is physically blind. I said physically because he is can obviously see more than most of us can. One thing I see from him is this: If someone who has no physical sight can produce some of the best songs we have in today’s Nigeria, then what excuse do I have for failure?

Yet there is still another important question. If Cobhams could see, would he see the things he sees? Would he hear the things he hears? If Cobhams could see, wouldn’t he be:

A successful graduate of law, struggling to beat the rat race?

A normal musician trying, without much success, to convince the world that he is good?

A misdirected youth, entrapped by vices such as alcohol, distracted by women and on the way to a fast downfall?

Amusingly, with his blindness, he could also have chosen to be:

A grumbler, always wondering why life is so unfair

An unfocused man (who would blame him anyway?)

A complacent underachiever, since no one could really complain if he didn’t do too well as a blind man in Nigeria

A fickle minded person, choosing to rely more on the opinions of others (since they could see what he wouldn’t, anyway)

A beggar (that’s the default occupation for Nigerians with physical disability)

A mediocre, settling for less than the best.

Cobhams could be anything he chose.

It isn’t your mountain that matters. It is if you can have a mind that moves mountains. A disability can be strength if you choose to see it that way. For instance, if a sensory organ is shut, other organs get more sensitive with increased use. Could that explain why Stevie Wonder was also a wonder on that piano? Or why Ben Carson could be better than his mates from more privileged backgrounds? Or could it tell us how Nelson Mandela of South Africa could still remain intact mentally (enough to serve as the president of his country) in spite of spending 27 years in prison?

The point is this: whenever you face a challenge (it doesn’t matter what form it takes or where it’s from), take time to look for the other angle to the story. That mountain is really a stepping stone- if you can discover how!

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6 Responses to Rising Above Your Mountains

  1. Olu says:

    This is great wisdom. Keep it up Bro.

  2. A very inspiring post indeed! I agree that everyone is responsible for their own success, and they should not grumble the whole day that they’re not born to make it. Recently, I read about a blind sudanese who became the fastest marathon runner in the world because he was not willing to give up on himself. So that goes to prove that anything is possible if you believed in yourself.

    Hope I’m not being too long-winded here.

  3. Wale says:

    Do u know something olumide,I very much agree with U.If someone who’s blind could achieve that, how much more we who can see physically. But do u know what I noticed, many people dont bring out their best until situation forces them to. Articles like this can spur people.Pls keep it up

  4. Opeyemi says:

    Anybody can achieve whatever reasonable goal he sets provided he believes in himself, pursue the goal and perseveres regardless of situations. We all have the potential in us. God is not a partial God, he gives to everybody according to our ability. No pain no gain.

  5. I agree with u totally. Cohbams is one singer that has touched my heart with his worship. I feel lifted each i hear him worship God. Realy, disability isn’t inability. Evryone can be a success if they luv to. It’s only a matter of attitude. Keep it up!

  6. ???? says:

    Reality hits when a college grad realizes that two years after graduating he still doesn’t have a job.

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