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Published on May 27th, 2008 | by Olumide


Wealth Myths

Here are some common perceptions about wealth. Some are right, but most are wrong. Have a look:

1. You need capital to start up a business: I believe that there is one thing you really need: Ideas. Good ones. Sound ones. When you have a really good idea, the idea (and your passion) will attract the necessary funds. So many people do not do anything because they feel limited by money. They need to realize that money always follows good ideas. When you have a really sound idea, put your passion for it into work. One day, that combination will attract the right funds.

2. You need school education to succeed in business: What you actually need is information, and it may not come from school. As a matter of fact, most times, the right information never gets to the academic community until it isn’t very relevant anymore. So don’t feel bad if you don’t have the benefits of a good education. Sure, it has its advantages. However, it has very little to do with wealth. Read the right books. Attend the right seminars. But most importantly, listen to your customers. You will get virtually all the information you need that way.

3.  Fraud is necessary for anyone who wants to be rich: Fraud may get you rich, but it can’t make you wealthy. Riches are what you have and it may change anytime because no condition is permanent. However, wealth refers to who you are. It is your mindset, your thinking, your lifestyle. You don’t need to steal or participate in fraud to be wealthy. As a matter of fact, being fraudulent is a way of admitting that you are really poor.

4. You need ‘connections’ to make it in business: Perfectly true! But most likely, you are more connected than you know. You know somebody who knows somebody who knows somebody… In case you have not yet got the picture, see it this way: if you know 10 people who know 10 people each, then you have access to 110 people. However, each of the 100 people also knows another 10 (making 1,110) who know… Amongst these people would be Senators, Medical Doctors, Entrepreneurs- whosoever you need. Therefore, if you can utilize the friendships you keep, you will meet all those you need to meet.

 Keep visiting this site for more information on wealth. Thanks for reading.

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  1. Ed says:

    Good Post! I agree wholeheartedly! Keep up the good work here.
    Grace and Peace,

  2. Akintunde Timothy says:

    Cn u pls mail ways of raisin capital 4 ones ideal..i'm countin on u bro.tnx

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